Writing Experiment: Voice

Had another successful writing activity in English 50 yesterday. A prompt inspired by the image/meme from a Facebook page I follow. 

We spent the first few minutes discussing the different styles that each writer used to talk about the same topic - in this instance, it's light shining through a window. 


After dissecting each style and discussing what kind of tactic or approach each writer had, we decided to go try it on our own using a new topic but the same four styles/authors. 

I asked the class for a subject and we came up with TREES. I asked them to divide their paper into four sections and write a similar style sentence for each writer about trees. 

Here's how mine ended up: 


Beyond the school there was a forest with dark and shadowy trees. 


The tree, which stood at the top of a great hill overlooking the city like a watch tower, created an entry way to the hidden cave. 


A tree appeared in the distance which was not really an occurrence of much importance other than to say we are in nature. 


A tree stood in the distance seeming rather lonely. Lonely which means a somber, sad feeling caused by solitude. For instance, if you woke up one morning and the world had ended on an account of a freakishly fast spreading zombie apocalypse and left only you and your toy poodle, Murphy miraculously unharmed. However, then when by some horrific turn of events, Murphy was eaten by a pack of zombie businessmen--you might indeed feel...lonely. 


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